It's said that a chair is only as good as its seat upholstery. The seat cushion is what makes a chair comfortable to sit in, but you can't tell a good cushion just by looking. We believe it's the invisible qualities of cushions that have the greatest direct impact on how they feel, and we've put a considerable effort into studying them. To that end, IYOBE expects its seat technicians to have a keen aesthetic sense, and it's the combination of that sense with the technical proficiency of their handiwork that have given IYOBE's chairs the reputation for quality.
Broadly speaking, there are three types of seat materials: underlays, fillers, and overlays. The example shown in the photo uses coil springs as the underlay and a filler composed of multiple layers of urethane foam and feathers, resulting in a top-grade seat.
A chair must be beautiful, and the quality of a chair's stitching has a significant impact on its beauty. The type of stitching technique used in our products is a pivotal factor in determining the visual expression of the chair. We're constantly refining our techniques to bring you the most beautiful chairs possible.
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