Creating IYOBE-Brand Furniture
People get a deep sense of fulfillment by seeing a nice piece of furniture or sitting in a good chair. Comfort is an essential part of this experience. IYOBE employs state-of-the-art equipment while also prizing technique only expert craftsmen can deliver. It's said that a chair is only as good as its seat upholstery, and in chair making, technique is everything. We're confident that our technique delivers comfort you can feel for yourself. And it's this confidence that drives us forward.
Contract Business (Order-Made Furniture)
The very first things we as furniture makers need to consider are how our products will be used and how to express what makes them unique. We take new trends, developments, and elements like texture into account in every step of the process, from design to production, to respond to people's diverse furniture needs. Our products have won acclaim in Japan and abroad for their dependability, and we're always looking for new places for them to serve our customers.
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IYOBE has always striven to be the model for excellence in Japanese furniture making, creating OEM and order-made products with a level of skill others can't match. To fulfill a broad range of requests we receive from other makers it takes not only ever more advanced techniques, but also knowledge, insight, and effort. The technique we've accumulated serves as a crucial bridge that allows us to strengthen ties with our customers.
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Refurbishing Furniture
Our furniture making business is built on craftsmen who carry on the traditional techniques while also pursuing revolutionary new ones. Refurbishment is a key part of that business. We refurbish more than just our own products. If you have an old piece of furniture of great sentimental value, we'll remake it so that you can enjoy it for many more years to come. Our craftsmen channel their passion for excellence into their unsurpassed technical skills to extend the life of your furniture.