Company profile

Trade name
IYOBE Co., Ltd.
23-13 Senda Koto-ku Tokyo 135-8331
+81 3 3647 2734
+81 3 3647 8160
January 1964
August 1968
50,000,000 Yen
Kisaku Iobe
Shuichi Iobe, Senior Vice President & Representative Director
Mitsue Iobe, Senior Vice President
Yukio Ohtsuka, Senior Managing Director
Kimio Sonoda, Director
Yukio Akiba, Director
Yasuhiro Nagai, Director
Azuma Kawamoto, Director
Kikue Ohashi, Auditor
Head factory
23-13 Senda Koto-ku Tokyo 135-8331
Saitama factory
Toyonodai Techno Town Industrial Complex 2-689-1
Toyonodai Kazo-shi Saitamaken 349-1148
Scope of business
Planning, manufacturing and installation of custom made furniture
Office, home, healthcare, and public furniture Reforming
Sales and installation of imported furniture
Bank account
Higashi Nippon Bank, Ltd. Mizuho Bank, Ltd.Kinshicho Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. MUFG bank, Ltd. Kinshicho Branch
Japan finance corporation Tokyo Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


1958 11
President, Kisaku Iobe upholstered the seat of a coach for Emperor's wedding ceremony
1964 01
Started IYOBE at 21-6 Senda Koto-ku Tokyo and started manufacturing chairs
1968 08
Established IYOBE Co., Ltd. with capital of 1.5 million Yen
1969 03
Established a new factory at 23-2 Senda Koto-ku Tokyo
1969 12
Increased capital to 6 million Yen
1971 03
President, Kisaku Iobe visit Knoll factory at Pennsylvania, USA and learned modern upholstery technique
IYOBE joined furniture restoration work for the state guest house akasaka palace
1975 07
Newly extablished Toyocho factory at 1-19, Shinsuna Koto-ku Tokyo
1979 09
Moved the headquarters and the factory to the current address
1980 07
Increased capital to 11 million Yen
1980 07
Completed woodwork factory at 2-2 Umibe Koto-ku Tokyo
1983 07
Completed distribution warehouse atUmibe 4-4 Koto-ku Tokyo
1986 05
Started coating business
1988 08
Initiated Kurihashi factory at Kurihashicho Saitama
1989 06
IYOBE joined furniture restoration work for the national diet of Japan
1990 08
Increased capital to 20 million Yen
1990 11
Completed Saitama factory at Techno-town industrial park Kazo city, Saitama
1991 03
Started business partnership between Swedish designers
1992 11
Participated in International furniture exhibition
1993 12
Delivered over 10,000 lobby seats to Kainsai international airport
1993 12
Completed the 2nd phase of Saitama factory
1994 09
Started business partnership between a German furniture manufacturer
Delivered hall seating to Kioi hall
1995 01
Delivered hall seating to Kioi hall
1995 07
Started business partnership between American designers and manufacturers
1996 02
Started business partnership between Singapore and Malaysia companies
1996 08
Increased Saitama factory and warehouse
1997 09
Increased capital to 30 million Yen
1998 11
Become ISO9001 certified company
1999 12
Become ISO14001 certified company
2000 10
Exhibited Lotonda at the Orgatec in Cologne Germany
2000 10
Received the good design award with our brand dinning chair Innocent
2000 11
President, Kisaku Iobe certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a contemporary master craftsman for chair upholstery
2001 11
President, Kisaku Iobe invited to the imperial garden party by the Imperial household Agency
2002 11
Increased capital to 50 million Yen
2003 06
Started environment test
2003 10
Received the good design award with our brand chair REVO, RIN and ROLL
2005 03
IYOBE delivered some furniture for the state guest house kyoto palace
2005 09
Received design award at IPEC21
2005 10
Started design license partnership with ROLF BENZ
2005 11
President, Kisaku Iobe awarded a prize by the Emperor as a model of citizen to work diligently. (The award is called Oujyuhoushou)
2006 11
Received the space design award at IPEC21
2007 01
Purchased auto fabric cutting machine
2008 02
Exhibited the Sumigoromo series at the Ambiente in Frankfurt Germany
2008 04
Exhibited Sumigoromo series at Milano Salone in Milano Italy
2009 04
Started design license partnership with Musterring
2009 04
Exhibited SumigoromoⅡ series and C・C chair at Milano Salone in Milano Italy
2009 12
Delivered hall seating to Yamaha Ginza hall
2010 06
Become COC certified company FSC-C092623
2010 10
Delivered arm chairs and tables to 2010 APEC conference in Yokohama Japan
2012 03
Delivered restaurant chairs to Sky restaurant 634 at Sky tree tower in Tokyo
2012 03
Delivered chairs and tables to the Rikkyo University
2012 05
Hosted 1st in house exhibition
2013 07
Started business partnership with Kusch+Co
2013 10
Opened IYOBE sofa studio
2013 11
Received Grand Prize for Human Resources Development award from the Tokyo metropolitan government
2014 07
Hosted 2nd in house exhibition
2016 02
Purchased auto leather cutting machine
2016 03
Completed 5th warehouse at Saitama factory
2016 05
Selected best 300 companies from Ministry of International Trade and Industry
2017 06
Delivered special order chairs and sofas to TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE
2017 11
President, Kisaku Iobe awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays from the Emperor
2018 12
Purchased 5 axis CNC machine
2019 03
Purchased high frequency press machine